About me

hehe as you probably already know im really random lol. I like monkeys and turtles and I just LOVE singing. But even though I act….. weird sometimes, I am sorta shy at school…. okay im really shy at school but not around my friends. My favourite subject is drama and I like to act. My fav song is popcorn. whats your favourite?

Five things I have learned this term

1.  I have leart that when the Nile floods in Egypt, its called inundation. This is useful beacuse if your’re visiting Egypt and people tell you its the season of inundation, you would know not to go.

2.  I got the experience to disect animal oragans and learnt whats inside some animals. Now I can name  all the organs inside some animals.

3.  I got better at maths and got 28 out of 28 on my maths test! this is good because I find maths easier and I know i’ve improved.

4. I learnt heaps of things about Egypt like the great pyramid of giza, the sarcophugus’s, The gods and how they live. It is very interesting and I learnt heaps of things that I had never nown about.

5.  I understood all the hooks for this term and last and its good to learn them so you can use them all through your life.

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